WEB DESIGN & HOSTING We design each site with your business needs in mind. We’ve handcrafted each detail from the way the colors interact, to uniquely designed layouts and navigation. All our website are designed to fit your purpose. We are dedicated to making sure your site is productive forContinue Reading

Andrea Greer Jones M.S., Owner/Designer After 20 years in Scottsdale, Arizona since, Andrea is back to her home town of Monroe, LA.  In 2003 Andrea designed a clothing line (A.I.Apparel) which was sold in several upscale boutiques. A.I. was re-established as Faith in Black and White in 2016 with focusContinue Reading

A place where imagination runs wild in the Bayou! Meet Cletus Clawdad and his family, Clawdette and Junior. They have many friends from the bayou and lots of travel adventures they’d love to share with you! LET’S SHOP! Let’s have some fun! Print off these cool pictures to color! PrintContinue Reading